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Plant Ecology Labs


KOHYAMA Takashi (Professor)
Dynamics of forest tree commuities and mechanisms of multi-species coexistence.
KUBO Takuya (Assistant professor)
Development and analysis of the models for forest dynamics and individual tree formation. Computational ecology. Computer-intensive statitical methods.
KUDO Gaku (Associate Professor)
Cold adaptation of plants, in particular for the spring ephemeral inalpine, arctic, and cool-temperate zones. Reproductive ecology and interactions between plants and insects, and adaptation of leaves to herbivore.
TSUYUZAKI Shiro (Professor)
Succession, community dynamics and environmental conservation after disturbances derived from volcanic eruption, wildfire, landuse change (e.g., peat mining in wetlands and skislope establishment in forests)

<Clerical assistant>

YUKINO Natsuko

<Postdoctoral fellow (PD) Doctoral course(D), Master course(M), Research fellow(R)>

HOSHIZAKI Mayumi (M1)    
IGUCHI Toshiyuki (M2)    
Jia YuMeng (M2)    
KAWAI Yuka (R)    
KOHYAMA Tetsuo (PD)    
MATSUURA Akira (D1)    
OSHIMA Nozomi (D1)    
OTAKI Michiru (R)    
SHIBATA Akari (D2)    
SHIMIZU Akira (R)     高山帯の地衣類群集の生態
Ecology on lichen communities on alpine zones
SHISHIR Sharmin (D2)    
Saurabh Tripathi (M2)    
Sekine Naoki (M2)    
Végh, Lea (D3)    
WAKUI Akimi (D1)    
ZHOU Ling Ling (M2)    
Zeng Zhen (M2)    
Zhang Xiaoli (M2)    
(EES/RES ex members)

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