Trendy セミナー   2010-09-21 (Tue) 16:30-18:00   北大・大学院地球環境 地球環境 A 棟 809

Novel ecosystems in New Zealand

Prof. Peter Bellingham (Landcare Research of New Zealand)

New Zealand's geological position on the Pacific "Rim of Fire" and its oceanic climate ensure that frequent natural disturbances are key evolutionary and ecological drivers that shape its plant and animal communities. New Zealand has also been subject to many biological invasions and, because of its isolation, many of these invaders are from functional groups either absent or poorly represented in its native biota. This talk will highlight three examples of how novel ecosystems, composed of native and non-native species, function. The examples will focus on ecosystem consequences of invasions by non-native plants, mammals, and birds.

Trendy Seminar
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