How to Construct Forest Architecture Simulator

KUBO, Takuya (kubo@ees.hokudai.ac.jp)

In this talk, I would like to introduce one of our ``architecure'' simulator, Ogawa Forest Simualator, with focusing on the key methods to estimate parameters and to simulate forest dynamics.

I.   Overview

Our Architecutre Models

001.  Scope of Architecture Model Group
002.  Forest simulator based on forest census

A Long Time Ago, ...

003.  The Dark Ages ruled by idealism
004.  A new epoch of the simple & powerful
005.  Forest simlator revolution (US)
006.  Detail that matter (Finland)
007.  Reconstructed individual trees (Japan)

II.   Ogawa Forest Simulator: Key Methods

008.  Forest simulator based on forest census

Method (1)   The ``Arthitecture'' of Light

009.  3D database
010.  Modelling the sky
011.  ``Gaze'' trace

Method (2)   Maximum Likelihood Estimation

012.  Submodels of tree dynamics
013.  An example: tree growth
014.  Solving likelihood equation

Method (3)   Estimator-Simulator Complex

015.  Ogawa System

From now on

016.  Parameterize, and parameterize ...

``What I cannot create, I do not understand''

(R. D. Feynmann's last writing on his blackboard, Jan. 1988)

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