2002.11.24, IGBP-GCTE-TEMA Kyoto

PipeTree   Abies stand age 22
a functional and three-dimensional structural tree simulator

T. Kubo *   (kubo@ees.hokudai.ac.jp)   PipeTree implementation
T. Kohyama   (kohyama@ees.hokudai.ac.jp)   Field research, data analysis and the basic design of PipeTree

I.   Objective & Target Tree

01. Forest 3-D Simulator
02. What for 3-D Modeling?
03. PipeTree: Objective
04. Research Plot and Target Species

II.   Modeling Structure & Light Env

05. Structural Components
06. Dynamics of Components
07. Modeling ``Light''

III.   Modeling Abies Functions

08. Assimilation and Respiration
09. Resource Allocation
10. Competitions

IV.   Results & Conclusion

11. Simulating Single Tree
12. Simulating Tree Population
13. Simulating ``Global Change''?
14. Conclusion