Kubo Porjects (Comuptational Ecology)

God not only plays dice. He also sometimes throws the dice where they cannot be seen. --- S. Hawking

``Pipe dream ...''


-- Tree formation under the Da Vinchi rule --

Abies stand age 20
``The rise and fall of virtual forest''

Individual Based Model for Ogawa Forest Dynamics

``Modeling Forest Architecture to Generate 3-D Light Distribution''
individual trees simulator

Modeling Pasoh

Pasoh 0107

Kubo reports (in Japanese, 2001.06.18)

REDPINE simulator

Pseudo Redpine

Kubo reports (in Japanese, 2001.01.31-2001.08.26)

``Small plant dynamics under the wave regeneration''


year 0100
forest 0100
year 1000
forest 1000

Kubo report (in Japanese, 2002.01.08)

``Ripples on forest''

Forest Gap Dynamics


Kubo reports (in Japanese, 1997.03-1999.03)

``Negative covariance within a forest stand''

Tree Size Dynamics with Vertical Correlation

negative-covariance structure

Presentation files (1999.05.14)

``Shoot model'' of clonal plants

competition between shoots
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