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Solidago virgaurea L.

Mount Usu / Sarobetsu post-mined peatland
From left: Crater basin in 1986 and 2006. Cottongrass / Daylily

The taxonomy of this group is confusing
Solidago L. (アキノキリンソウ)
S. virgaurea L., goldenrod
Lifeform: perennial forb

⇒ flora on Mount Koma, Mount Usu

ssp. virgaurea (ヨウシュアキノキリンソウ), the type
ssp. asiatica Kitam. ex H. Hara (アキノキリンソウ, 秋ノ麒麟草)

var. asiatica Nakai ex H. Hara (アキノキリンソウ, s.s.)
var. insularis (Kitam.) H. Hara (シマコガネギク)

ssp. leiocarpa (Benth.) Hultén (Koganegiku, コガネギク/ミヤマコガネギク/ミヤマアキノキリンソウ, 黄金菊)
Habitats: Dry woods, grassland, rocks, cliffs, hedgebanks, dunes, wetlands, etc. on acid or calcareous soils Seed dispersal: wind

ssp. leiocarpa (Benth.) Hultén f. japonalpestris Kitam., var. leiocarpa (Benth.) A. Gray, S. decurrens Lour., S. paramuschirensis Barkalov

var. ovata (Honda) Ohba, comb. nud. (ハマアキノキリンソウ)
var. praeflorens Nakai (ハチジョウアキノキリンソウ)
f. paludosa (キリガミネアキノキリンソウ/ヤチアキノキリンソウ), linear-lanceolate leaves on middle height, wetlands, distributed in Hokkaido

ssp. gigantea (Nakai) Kitam. (オオアキノキリンソウ): large, oval-shaped leaves

Solidago virgaurea in Hokkaido


ssp. leiocarpa

Solidago1 Water2 Solidago3 Solidago4
[1/2] in Sarobetsu wetland on August 20 1989. (As a bonus: Measuring water level. The date is the same with the previous one). [3] on a trail to climb Mount Tomamu (1,239 m elevation) on July 20 2012. [4] along a walkboard in a post-mined peatland near Sarobetsu Visitor Center, northern Hokkaido, on August 28 2018.


Solidago1 Solidago2
[1/2] along a seacoast on the bottom of cliff near the Muroran Marine Experimental Station of Hokkaido University on September 11 2017.


[1] Mount Esan: close to a Quercus dentata forest in early October 1983. [2-4] Mount Usu: in the crater basin on September 19 2008.