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Eriophorum vaginatum L.

Mount Usu / Sarobetsu post-mined peatland
From left: Crater basin in 1986 and 2006. Cottongrass / Daylily

Eriophorum L. (ワタスゲ)
Watasuge (ワタスゲ, 綿菅), tussock cottongrass
Suzumenokeyari (スズメノケヤリ, 雀ノ毛槍)
Lifeform: perennial
Distribution: circumpolar (north to central Honshu in Japan)
Habitat: wetland, in particular, on bog, vegetatively recovered after wildfire in Alaska

→ decreasing the biomass in tundra with global warming shown by a long-term field experiment at Toolik Research Statoin
facilitation (定着促進効果) (Koyama & Tsuyuzaki 2010, 2012, 2013)

Two varietites in Ak

ssp. vaginatum
ssp. spissum (Fern.) Hult.

Toolik at Toolik Research Station, Alaska, on August 19 2014.

Eriophorum vaginatum in the Northern Hemisphere

Interior Alaska

Alaska1 Alaska2 fruit3
[1] a huge cottongrass community at 14 Mile Lake along Denali Highway on August 12 2010. [2] An infloresence of cottongrass at Poker Flat, Fairbanks, AK, on May 10 2006. This area was burned by the 2004 wildfire (fire ecology (森林火災). [3] a cottongrass tussock (谷地坊主) at Poker Flat on May 10 2006. [3'] many flowering shoots on a tussock at Poker Flat on May 17 2005 (by JJ).

Hokkaido, Japan

Alaska4 Alaska5
[4/5] near Akanuma (Red Pond), Kushiro Moor, eastern Hokkaido, on June 28 2015.