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Cyclamen coum Mill.

Mount Usu / Sarobetsu post-mined peatland
From left: Crater basin in 1986 and 2006. Cottongrass / Daylily

Cyclamen L. (カガリビバナ/シクラメン)

Tuberous perennial forbs
C. coum Mill. (トウホウカガリビバナ*)
C. hederifolium Aiton (ハミズシクラメン)
C. persicum Mill. (シクラメン/カガリビバナ/ブタノマンジュウ)
C. purpurascens Mill. (アキザキシクラメン)
C. repandum Sibth. et Sm. (ツタバシクラメン)

Cyclamen coum transplanted in Japan

*: tentative

Touhoukagaribibana (トウホウカガリビバナ*), eastern sowbread (*: tentative translation)
Lifeform: short, tuberous, perennial forb
Distribution: Black Sea (and a disjunct population near the Mediterranean)
Habitat: forests, under scrubs on rocky hillsides
Use: gardening as groundcover
ssp. caucasicum (K. Koch) O. Schwaraz: leaf wavy-edged, petals 1.2–2 cm
ssp. coum: leaf edge usually smooth, petal lobes 0.8-1.4 cm

f. albissimum R. H. Bailey, Koenen, Lillywh et P. J. M. Moore: petals pink to magenta, with dark markings at base of petal lobe
f. pallidum Grey-Wilson: petals white or very pale pink, with dark markings
f. coum: petals pure white, without markings

ssp. elegans (Boiss. et Buhse) Grey-Wilson (= C. elegans Boiss. et Buhse)

[1-3] in Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden, Kobe, western Japan, on March 17 2019.