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Drosera rotundifolia L.

Mount Usu / Sarobetsu post-mined peatland
From left: Crater basin in 1986 and 2006. Cottongrass / Daylily

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Droseraceae Salisbury

Three genera

Aldrovanda L. (ムジナモ, 貉藻), waterwheel plant: monotypic, A. esiculosa L.
Dionaea J. Ellis (ハエトリグサ, 蠅捕草), venus flytrap: monotypic, D. muscipula Sol. ex J.Ellis in tropical wetlands in the North America
Drosera L. (モウセンゴケ)

Drosera L. (モウセンゴケ)

Ca 90 spp in the world (60 spp in Australia)
Inflorescence: indeterminate
D. peltata Smith var. nipponica (Masam.) Ohwi (イシモチソウ), south to Kanto District
D. indica L. (ナガバノイシモチソウ)

Distribution: Africa - India - southeast Asia (central Honshu) - Ausutralia

D. spathulata Labill. (コモウセンゴケ) (s.l.): 2n = 20, 40, 60

Distribution: southern Japan (south to Miyagi Prefecture) - southeast Asia - Australia - New Zealand
ssp. spathulata (s.s.)
ssp. tokaiensis Komiya et Shibata (トウカイコモウセンゴケ)

= D. tokaiensis (Koyiya et Shibata) Nakamura T. et Shibata C.

D. rotundiffolia L. (モウセンゴケ): 2n = 20
D. anglica Hudson (ナガバノモウセンゴケ): 2n = 40
D. obovata Mert. et Koch (サジバモウセンゴケ)

Drosera rotundifolia in Hokkaido

Mousengoke (モウセンゴケ, 毛氈苔), Roundleaf sundew (common sundew)
Lifeform: short-lived, carnivorous, prennial forb (食虫植物)
Distribution: North America, South America, Europe, and Asia (see the map)
Habitat: nutrient-poor and sunny sites (wetlands (湿原), e.g., marshes, fens, and black spruce forest, and Sphagnum bogs / silty and boggy shorelines and wet sands / baregrounds on volcanoes) → Flora on Mount Koma
var. gracilis Laest., small-leaved in Alaska
Mount Koma. The specimen was collected on the southwestern slope at ca 850 m in elevation on August 13 2000, and was stored in the Hokkaido University Herbarium (SAPS).

Drosera1 Drosera2
[1/2] Mount Tarumae on Juen 12 2008. [1] Carpet of D. rotundifolia. [2] close-up.


ST1 ST2 seed3
[1/2] in a post-mined peatland, Sarobetsu mire, northern Hokkaido. [1] on July 13 2013. [2] on June 7 2005 by Hoyo (保要博士). [3] seed taken by a microscope (VHX-2000, KEYENCE/キーエンス), on April 21 2012. The seed was collected from a post-mined Sarobetsu mire by Hoyo. Compare to the seeds of D. anglica. [4/6] in Shizukari Wetland, southern Hokkaido. [4] on June 15 2015. [5/6] on July 7 2017.

Drosera in Western Australia

Drosera1 Drosera2 Sorry. All photos are a bit out of focus.
No Japanese name (* ドラモンドコモウセンゴケ, 試訳 tentative translation)
Drosera barbigera Planch. (Drummond pygmy sundew). This species is distributed only in Western Australia. [1] October 3 2003. [2] October 2 2003.
Drosera1 Droeera2 No Japanese name (* キノボリモウセンゴケ, 試訳 tentative translation)
Drosera macrantha Endl. ssp. macrantha (Climbing sundew / Bridal rainbow sundew). Climbing plant. Many subspecies. [1] near New Norcia, October 2 2003. [2] October 3 2003.