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Agrimonia pilosa Ledeb.

Mount Usu / Sarobetsu post-mined peatland
From left: Crater basin in 1986 and 2006. Cottongrass / Daylily

Agrimonia Tourn. ex L. (キンミズヒキ, agrimony) in Japan

A. coreana Nakai (チョウセンキンミズヒキ)
A. eupatoria L. (セイヨウキンミズヒキ)
A. nipponica Koidz. (ヒメキンミズヒキ), montanious grasslands in Honshu, leaflet = 3-5, stamen < 10
30-60 cm high, fl 5 mm φ
Syn: Agrimonia pilosa Ledeb. var. nipponica (Koidz.) Kitam.
A. pilosa Ledeb. (キンミズヒキ, s.l.)
A. tokatiensis Ko. Ito (トカチキンミズヒキ), Hokkaido and Chubu District, stamen ≈ 20

Agrimonia pilosa in Hokkaido

Agrimonia pilosa Ledeb.
var. japonica (Miq.) Hara, Kin-mizuhiki (キンミズヒキ, 金水引), shaggy speedwell or hairy agrimony
Life form: deciduous perennial forb
Distribution: eastern Asia, including Japan
Habitat: grasslands, forest edges, etc.

HUSTEP: Plants and Plant communities in Japan (flora list)
Nature in the eco-campus of HU - introduction to botany (北大エコキャンパスの自然 - 植物学入門)

Stamen ≈ 10
Seed dispersal (種子散布): animal (ecto-zoochore)
Leaflet: 5-7

Agrimonia striata Michx. ssp. viscidula (Bunge) Rumjantsev
Agrimonia pilosa Ledeb. var. viscidula (Bunge) Kom.
Agrimonia japonica (Miq.) Koidz., commonly used
Agrimonia viscidula Bunge

var. pilosa (シベリアキンミズヒキ): the type, not distributed in Japan
var. nepalensis (D. Don) Murata (ケキンミズヒキ)
var. succapitata Naruhashi (ダルマキンミズヒキ)
var. viscidula (Bunge) Kom. (オオキンミズヒキ)

f. subglabra Nakai (ウスゲキンミズヒキ)



var. japonica [1] along Sakushukotoni River in the experimental farm of Hokkaido University, Sapporo, on July 28 2017. [2/3] at the backyard of Central Co-op Restaurant, HU, on July 14 2010. [4/5] in a small forest near Graduate School of Veterinary Medicine, Hokkaido University, on October 7 2014.