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Give me job, if you feel me! ... (同情するなら職をくれ)

Mount Usu / Sarobetsu post-mined peatland
From left: Crater basin in 1986 and 2006. Cottongrass / Daylily

GIF Give me job, if you feel me! ...: This is the title that I worte on the alumni bulletin of the Faculty of Science, Hokkaido University. It was so serious for me.

I have recorded the facts that I was abused when I was in N-gata University in Japanese page. However, such abuse and/or harassment is common in universitites in Japan (crazy world).

Academic or power harassment
Academic harassment: Japanese-English ←
All kinds of hostile action perpetrated by a dominant side in the academic field.


Statute of limitations: There might be something wrong nearby, though. (indicated by an e-mail on August 19 2013)

From: YYY
Subject: Re: Resignation email

Dear XXX san,

After two months of complete silence between us, I send you my resignation letter with minimum legal notice time.

First, you are not surprised at all. Second, you don't even ask me why. Third, you don't look sorry about the news. Last, you propose me "nicely" to manage everything for my leave, even a farewel party.

Im afraid your reaction clearly shows that:

* you know why I leave and you were likely waiting for that day;

* you don't want me to explain the reason of my resignation because you are not comfortable hearing it;

* you are not trying to solve anything but just helping me leaving Japan smoothly on "golden rails"...

[ mental health ]

Anyways, the manuscript is still under review as you can check on the picture I send you.

I already wrote in my resignation email when I leave your group. As usual you are not reading carefully emails from your team members. Consider that I won't come to the lab from the 30st of September, which is the shortest legal period from Friday 16th.

I'll send to ZZZ-kun the mathematica files concerning the model for transport between root, shoot and leaf, with the a growing leaf and root. You can still modify it back to make the root size constant as you proposed.

Thank you for the party but I have no time and I don't need a party. It's a little late to start to being "nice"... Anyways, thanks for proposing it.


Dear YYY;
It is no problem for your resignation.
I would like to know when you are going to leave here.
I will call to administrative office on next Mon, and will let you know things you need to finalize to leave.
Also can you please pass all the mathematica files to ZZZ-kun next week? I also am planning to do a farewell party for you.
The week of Sep is okey for you?
Best, XXX

Dear ass. prof. XXX,
The purpose of this email is to announce my resignation from my post-doctoral position within your group, effective two weeks from this date.