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Master/doctor theses (修士・博士論文)

Mount Usu / Sarobetsu post-mined peatland
From left: Crater basin in 1986 and 2006. Cottongrass / Daylily

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Master theses (修士論文)

2021.03Umemura M (梅村昌宏)Establishment patterns of Eriophorum vaginatum L. tussocks in a post-mined peatland
2019.09Iguchi T (井口俊之)The ecological and morphological characteristics of Larix kaempferi trees damaged by typhoons on the slope of Mount Koma, northern Japan (P Abstract)
2019.03Sekine N (関根直樹)The patches of Miscanthus sinensis Andersson facilitate the establishment of exotics species in the early stages of succession on Mount Usu, northern Japan
Zeng Z (曽貞)Effects of broad-leaved and needle-leaved litter on the growth and establishment of Racomitrium japonicum on Mount Koma, northern Japan
Jia Y (賈 雨萌)Detecting the effectiveness of Sphagnum transplantation for restoring wetland ecosystem after peat mining in Sarobetsu Mire, northern Japan (P Abstract)
Zhang X (張暁理)The morphological variations of Thelypteris palustris Schott affected by human disturbances in the wetlands of Hokkaido, Japan (P Abstract)
Pisi JTAssessing the impacts of invasive alien tree species in lowland forest ecosystem in order to improve restoration strategies in Samoa (P Abstract)
2018.03Zhao NX (趙新雪)The facilitative effects of tussocks on plant establishment are weakened by developing turfs (P Abstract)
2017.09Li Q (李茜)Determinants on vegetation recovery patterns after peat mining on a post-mined peatland, northern Japan (P Abstract)
2017.03Holle MJMThe effects of shrub patch sizes on the colonization of pioneer plants on the volcano Mount Koma, northern Japan
2016.03Miyazaki N (宮崎紀子)The invasion and establishment patterns of Sphagnum mosses on Moliniopsis japonica grasslands in the early stages of succession (P 要旨)
2015.03Kamano Y (釜野靖子)Revegetation patterns after experimental tephra disturbances on a mire with special reference to effects of shrub
2014.03Nomura N (野村七重)The relationships between animal seed dispersal and germination of Gaultheria miqueliana (Ericaceae) on Mount Koma, northern Japan
Rakotonoely HThe recovery processes after an experimental forest fire: growth of Betula platyphylla var. japonica and soil characteristics (P Abstract)
2013.03北條 愛生息地の光特性に応じたカシワの形態変化 (P 要旨)
2012.03Yoshida TP (吉田智明)Establishment patterns of native and non-native trees on an abandoned skislope (P 要旨)
2010.03Hoyo Y (保要有里)Comparisons of seed germination and seedling establishment between two Drosera species (P Abstract)
Takeuchi F (竹内史子)Determinants on the litter decomposition of two early successional species (P Abstract)
Hirata AKB (平田亜弓)Responses to ultraviolet on two plant species in the early stages of succession (P 要旨)
2009.03Kimura H (木村英雄)Relationships between the composition of seed bank and standing vegetation on a reed swamp after wildfire (P 要旨)
2008.03Egawa C (江川知花)Effects of vegetation and litter on seedling establishment and seedbank development in a post-mined peatland, northern Japan (P 要旨)
2007.03Matsuda M (松田みゆき)Changes in the facilitative effects of Salix reinii patch along elevational gradient on the volcano Mt. Koma, Japan
Koyama A (小山明日香)The effects of sedge tussocks on plant establishment patterns in a post-mined peatland, Sarobetsu Mire, northern Japan
2003.03西 秀雄北海道渡島駒ケ岳における鳥散布種子を生産する木本植物の侵入特性
2002.03Akasaka M (赤坂宗光)Establishment characteristics of Larix kaempferi on the volcano Mount Koma, northern Japan
Uesaka S (上坂尚平)Facilitation and inhibition by two patch-forming species on the volcano Mt. Koma, Hokkaido, Japan
1999.03Takeuchi T (竹内 亨)Comparison of avifauna and foraging space between streamside and upland along a small stream in deciduous broad-leaved forest

Doctor theses (博士論文)

2021.06Végh LEvaluating the impacts of disturbance scale, management history, and stochastic effects on succession by remote sensing and field surveys
2018.09Shishir SDetecting the mechanisms of spatio-temporal changes in land use and endangered ecosystems induced by urban growth P
2016.09Kwon T (權台五)Interaction between plant colonizers and ectomycorrhizal fungi through nitrogen transfer in the early stages of volcanic succession P
2016.09Otaki M (大瀧みちる)Evaluation and characterization of leaf litter decomposition patterns in ecological succession P
2013.09Hoyo Y (保要有里)Comparisons of life histories, morphological traits and habitats between endangered species, Drosera anglica, and common species, D. rotundifolia, in a post-mined peatland P
2013.03Egawa C (江川知花)The mechanisms of seedling establishment and seedbank formation along successional sere in disturbed wetlands
2012.12Saito T (斉藤達也)The effects of biological invasion of Solidago gigantea Aiton on native grasslands
2011.03Koyama A (小山明日香)Facilitative effects of tussocks on plant establishment in a post-mined peatland
2010.03Nishimura A (西村愛子)Vegetation dynamics after peat mining on Sarobetsu Mire, northern Japan
2006.03Akasaka M (赤坂宗光)Characteristics of biological invasion by Larix kaempferi (Lamb.) Cariere (Pinaceae) on Mount Koma, Japan
2000.03Trabersi IStudies on the stabilization of old sanitary landfills
1999.03Taguiam CGSocio-economic and cultural factors influencing the adoption of agroforestry as the farming system in Makiling Forest Reserve, Philippines
2003.03Rahajoe JSThe role of litter production and decomposition of dominant tree species on the nutrient cycle in natural forests with various substrate conditions