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Mount Usu / Sarobetsu post-mined peatland
From left: Crater basin in 1986 and 2006. Cottongrass / Daylily

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Carbon dynamics on terrestrial ecosystems

Formerly: Carbon dynamics viewing through volcanoes and wetlands

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Main theme "Assessment of Global Warming"

The subject "Global warming assessment" has the following seminars, to deeply understand mechanisms on global warming.
(1) Seminar on Global Warming: The main objectives are to communicate each research theme and preliminary practice for Division Seminar. Irregular date
(2) Sub-subject seminar: To understand global warming in relation to the research subject of each graudate student. The sub-seminar held by Tsuyuzaki is as follows.

Sub-theme: Carbon dynamics on terrestrial ecosystems

Date: Second term (weekly) Field workers do not hold seminars in summer!

Key words: restoration of wetland ecosystems, field work, methane emission and global warming

Study cases

Detecting the key of Sphagnum wetland restoration after peat mining on Sarobetsu wetland
Estimating primary production after intense wildfire in Alaska
Measuring seasonal changes in methane flux and peat decomposition in wetlands
Evaluating ecosystem development and carbon accumulation after volcanic eruptions on Mount Usu and Mount Koma


Date and hour Content Venue
April 14 2009 (Tue) 13:00- Guidance A804
Oct 1 2009 (Thu) 13:00- Introduction and planning Q203, Fac. Eng.
Paper presentation Research progress
Oct 8 2009 (Thu) 13:00- Tsuyuzaki Hoyo Q203, Fac. Eng.
Oct 15 2009 (Thu) 13:00- Takeuchi Hirata Q203, Fac. Eng.
Oct 29 2009 (Thu) 13:00- Hoyo Yoshida Q203, Fac. Eng.
Nov 5 2009 (Thu) 13:00- Hirata Takeuchi Q203, Fac. Eng.
Nov 12 2009 (Thu) 13:00- Yoshida Hoyo Q203, Fac. Eng.
Nov 19 2009 (Thu) 13:00- Practice for mid-term presentation Q203, Fac. Eng.
Nov 26 2009 (Thu) 13:00- Practice for mid-term presentation Q203, Fac. Eng.
Dec 3 2009 (Thu) 13:00- Takeuchi Hirata Q203, Fac. Eng.
Dec 10 2009 (Thu) 13:00- Hoyo Yoshida Q203, Fac. Eng.
Dec 17 2009 (Thu) 13:00- Hirata Takeuchi Q203, Fac. Eng.
Dec 24 2009 (Thu) 13:00- Yoshida Tsuyuzaki Q203, Fac. Eng.

Papers read in the seminar


Oct. 8
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Oct. 15
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Oct. 30
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Nov. 5
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Nov. 12
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Dec. 3
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Dec. 10
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Dec. 17
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Dec. 24
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Oct. 10
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Oct. 31
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