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Orostachys malacophylla (Pall.) Fisch. var. aggregeata (Makino) H. Ohba

Mount Usu / Sarobetsu post-mined peatland
From left: Crater basin in 1986 and 2006. Cottongrass / Daylily

Orostachys Fisch. ex A. Berger (イワレンゲ)
O. malacophylla (Pall.) Fisch. (アオノイワレンゲ, s.l.)
var. aggregeata (Makino) H. Ohba (アオノイワレンゲ, 青ノ岩蓮華)
Lifeform: perennial forb
Distribution: northesatern China - Sakhalin - Korea - Japan (north to Tohoku District) - Ussuri
Habitat: rocky fields near sea coasts and mountians
Stamen: red-purple
Chromosome number: 2n = 24, or 36

Synonyms: Sedum aggregeatum (Makino) Makino, Sedum iwarenge (Makino) Makino var. aggregeatum (Makino) Ohwi

f. rosea (Sugaya) H. Ohba (ウスベニレンゲ)

var. boehmeri (Makino) H. Hara (コモチレンゲ)
Stamen: yellow to pale red

Synonyms: Orostachys boehmeri (Makino) H. Hara, Orostachys iwarenge (Makino) H. Hara var. boehmeri (Makino) H. Ohba, Orostachys aggregeata (Makino) H. Hara var. boehmeri (Makino) Ohwi, Sedum aggregeatum (Makino) Makino var. boehmeri (Makino) Ohwi, Sedum boehmeri (Makino) Makino, Sedum iwarenge (Makino) Makino var. boehmeri (Makino) Ohwi

var. iwarenge (Makino) H. Ohba (イワレンゲ), Chinese duncecap

Synonyms: Orostachys iwarenge (Makino) H. Hara, Sedum iwarenge (Makino) Makino

Field training on integrated environmental research (統合環境調査法実習) (fauna and flora 種リスト)

var. malacophylla (ゲンカイイワレンゲ)

Synonyms: Orostachys aggregeata auct. non (Makino) H. Hara, Orostachys genkaiensis Ohwi, Sedum aggregeatum (Makino) Makino var. genkaiense (Ohwi) Ohwi, Sedum iwarenge (Makino) Makino var. genkaiense (Ohwi) Ohwi

Orostachys malacophylla in Hokkaido

var. aggregeata
f. rosea (or roseus) (ウスベニレンゲ)

petals and anthers becoming pale pink
Sedum1 Sedum2 Sedum3
[1-3] at a cape faced to Oshoro Bay (忍路湾) on November 2 2013.