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Juncus beringensis Buchenau

Mount Usu / Sarobetsu post-mined peatland
From left: Crater basin in 1986 and 2006. Cottongrass / Daylily

Juncus L. (イグサ)
Miyamai (ミヤマイ, 深山藺)
Lifeform: perennial rush
Distribution: Far East - China - Korea - Japan (north to central Honshu) - Kamchatka
Habitat: on moist soils represented by snow fields in (sub)alpine zones

Red Data Book: NT (near threatened)
Field training on integrated environmental research (統合環境調査法実習) (fauna and flora 種リスト)


Juncus fauriei H. Lév. et Vaniot


Juncus beringensis in Hokkaido

Seeds1 Seeds2 Seeds3
[1-3] near the bothie (hut escaped from mountainous disasters) of Mount Tokachi, central Hokkaido, on June 27 2017.