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Arabidopsis thaliana (L.) Heynh.

Mount Usu / Sarobetsu post-mined peatland
From left: Crater basin in 1986 and 2006. Cottongrass / Daylily

Arabidopsis Heynh. (シロイヌナズナ)
Shiroinunazuna (シロイヌナズナ, 白犬薺), mouseear cress
Lifeform: annual/biennial forb, overwintered by rosette
Distribution: native to northwestern Africa and Eurasia (exotic to Japan)
Habitat: disturbed sites
Leaf: covered with small, unicellular hair (trichomes)
Chromosome number: 2n = 10 (n = 5, diploid)

the genome (ゲノム) size is minimum in the seed plants + adequate to analyze genes ⇒ model plant for molecular biology


Arabis thaliana L. (basionym)
Sisymbrium thalianum (L.) J. Gay
Stenophragma thalianum (L.) Celak.

Cultivars (and mutants) for experiments, e.g., Columbia (C24) and Sapporo

Arabidopsis thaliana in Hokkaido

ST01 ST02 ST03

ST04 ST05 ST06
ST07 ST08 ST09
ST10 ST11 ST12
[1] at the backyard of Toko Store in N27/E2, East Ward, Sapporo, on April 28 2015. [2] at N14/W4, North Ward, Sapporo on May 9 2013, probably escaped from a certain university near the location. [3/4] ditto, on October 30 2013. Probably this species can be seen in Field training on integrated environmental research 統合環境調査法実習 (fauna and flora 種リスト). [5] along a paved road at N21/W2, Sapporo, on April 7 2014. [6] a grassland dominated by mouseear cress in a parking lot, N12/W4, North Ward, Sapporo, on May 22 2017. [7] on an artificial grassland in Fujimi Road Station, northern Hokkaido, on May 27 2017. [8] in a small flwoer garden in front of a building on N23/E1, East Ward, Sapporo, on April 13 2018. [9/10] in front of Otsuka ophthalmic clinic, N16/E4, North Ward, Sapporo. [9] on April 23 2018. [10] on March 27 2020. Also on March 11 2020. [11] at a hedge in N28/E1, East Ward, Sapporo, on May 4 2020. [12] in front of Otsuka ophthalmic clinic, N16/E4, North Ward, Sapporo, on March 30 2022. Records: flowering adjacent to Hokkaido Government Office Building in the Central Ward of Sapporo on April 15 2021. short flowering stalks beside a building in N24/E2, East Ward, Sapporo, on September 13 2021