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Bromeliaceae Juss. (パイナップル科)

Mount Usu / Sarobetsu post-mined peatland
From left: Crater basin in 1986 and 2006. Cottongrass / Daylily

[Engler's syllabus (エングラー体系)]

Order Bromeliales (パイナップル)

One family: Bromeliaceae (パイナップル), pineapple family in monocotyledons
1400-2600 spp in 50-60 genera (mostly distributed in the tropical and subtropical regions of the New World, and in Western Africa to a minor extent)
Subfam Bromelioideae
Ananas Mill. (パイナップル)
Subfam Tillandsioideae
Guzmania Ruiz et Pav.
over 120 species
Tillandsia L. (ハナアナナス)
Vriesea Lindl. (インコアナナス)
Subfam Pitcairnioideae
Pitcairnia L'Heritier
No species are distributed in Japan
P. micotrinensis R. W. Read

Ananas Mill. (パイナップル/アナナス)

Distribution: native to South America (no species are distributed in Japan)
Two species
Fruit: cone
A. comosus (L.) Merr. (パイナップル)
A. macrodontes E. Morren, false pineapple

Distribution: coastal Brazil and basins of Parana and Paraguay rivers to northern Argentina

Guzmania Ruiz et Pav.

Subfamily Tillandsioideae
120 species in the world (no species are distributed in Japan)
Lifeform: mostly stemless, evergreen, epiphytic perennials
Distribution: Florida, the West Indies, southern Mexico, Central America, and northern and western South America G. lingulata (L.) Mez

Tillandsia L. (ハナアナナス), blue-flowered torch

More than 400 species in Latin America
Lifeform: evergreen, perennial
T. aeranthos (Loisel.) L. B. Sm. (キノエアナナス)
T. brachycaulos Schltdl. (コビトアナナス)
T. bulbosa Hook. (ヒメキノエアナナス)
T. butzii Mez (ラッキョウアナナス)
T. filifolia Cham. et Schltdl. (イトバアナナス)
T. flabellata Baker (ウチワアナナス)
T. guatemalensis L. B. Sm. (タチハナアナナス)
T. lindeniana Regel (ハナアナナス)
T. punctulata Schltdl. et Cham. (ホソバアナナス)
T. recurvata (L.) L. (モスボール)
T. usneoides (L.) L. (サルオガセモドキ)

Vriesea Lindl. (インコアナナス)

Distribution: widespread over Mexico, central America, south America and the West Indies (no species are distributed in Japan)
V. carinata Wawra (インコアナナス)
V. splendens (Brongn.) Lem. (トラフアナナス)