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Proteaceae Juss. (ヤマモガシ科)

Mount Usu / Sarobetsu post-mined peatland
From left: Crater basin in 1986 and 2006. Cottongrass / Daylily

[ Bentham-Hooker system ]

Proteales Juss. ex Berchtold et J. Presl (ヤマモガシ目)

Engler' s syllabus (エングラー体系)
containing one family, Proteaceae (silk-oak family), i.e., Proteales is equivalent to Proteaceae.
Proteales including Sabiales

Proteaceae Juss. (ヤマモガシ科)

Lifeform: (evergreen) shrubs or trees
Leaf: alternate, opposite or whorled, simple, exstipulate
Inflorescence: bisexual, irregular or regular, hypogynous (diverse)
Seed: winged, endosperm absent
Fig. A stalkless protea flower

*: phonological translation

Subfam Bellendenoideae

Bellendena R. Br.

Subfam Persoonioideae

Flowers single at axil of bracts. Ovules 1, 2 or few. Fruit a 1-seeded drupte

Subfam Symphionematoideae

Subfam Proteoideae

Subfam Grevilleoideae

Flowers in pairs borne on apparent racemes or spikes. Ovules many, sometimes 2. Fruit a several-seeded follicle
incertae sedis: Sphalmium (C. T. White) B. G. Briggs, B. Hyland et L. A. S. Johnson, Carnarvonia F. Muell.
Tribe Roupaleae
incertae sedis: Megahertzia, A. S. George et B. Hyland, Knightia R. Br., Eucarpha, (R. Br.) Spach, Triunia L. A. S. Johnson et B. G. Briggs
Subtribe Roupalinae
Roupala Aubl.
Neorites L. S. Sm.
Orites R. Br.
Subtribe Lambertiinae
Lambertia Sm. (チティック*)
L. inermis (ニュンガチティック*)
Xylomelum Sm.
Subtribe Heliciinae
Helicia Lour. (ヤマモガシ)
1 sp in Japan (0 in Hokkaido)
H. cochinchinensis Lour. (ヤマモガシ)
Hollandaea F. Muell.
Subtribe Floydiinae
Darlingia F. Muell.
Floydia L. A. S. Johnson et B. G. Briggs
Tribe Banksieae
Subtribe Musgraveinae
Musgravea F. Muell.
Austromuellera C. T. White
Subtribe Banksiinae
Banksia L. f.
170 species, endemic to Australia
Fig. Distribution of Banksia in Australia
B. robur Cav.
Tribe Embothrieae
Subtribe Lomatiinae
Lomatia R. Br.
Subtribe Embothriinae
Embothrium J. R. Forst. et G. Forst.
Oreocallis R. Br.
Alloxylon P. H. Weston et Crisp
Telopea (Sm.) R. Br.
T. speciosissima (ワラタ)
Subtribe Stenocarpinae
Stenocarpus R. Br. ex Knight
Strangea Meisn.
Subtribe Hakeinae
Opisthiolepis L. S. Sm.
Buckinghamia F. Muell
Hakea Schrad. et J. C. Wendl.
Grevillea R. Br. ex Knight
Finschia Warb.
Tribe Macadamieae
Subtribe Macadamiinae
Macadamia F. Muell.
Lasjia P. H. Weston et A. R. Mast
Nothorites (A. S. George et B. Hyland) P. H. Weston et A. R. Mast
Panopsis Salisb. ex Knight
Brabejum L.
Malagasia L. A. S. Johnson et B. G. Briggs
Catalepidia (F. M. Bailey) P. H. Weston
Virotia L. A. S. Johnson et B. G. Briggs
Athertonia L. A. S. Johnson et B. G. Briggs
Heliciopsis Sleumer
Subtribe Gevuininae
Cardwellia F. Muell.
Sleumerodendron R Virot in A. Aubreville
S. austrocaledonicum (Brongn. et Gris) Virot, monotypic
Euplassa Salisb. ex Knight
Gevuina Molina
Bleasdalea F. Muell.
Hicksbeachia F. Muell.
Kermadecia Brongn. et Gris
Turrillia A. C. Sm.

(Weston and Barker 2006, Mast et al.2008)