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Betula ermanii Cham.

Mount Usu / Sarobetsu post-mined peatland
From left: Crater basin in 1986 and 2006. Cottongrass / Daylily

Betula L. (カバノキ)
Dake-kamba (ダケカンバ, 岳樺), Erman's Birch
Soushikamba (ソウシカンバ, 草紙樺)
Lifeform: large, deciduous tree
Distribution: (Northern) Japan, Kuril, Sakhalin, Korea, Northeast China, Primorye, Kamchatka
Habitat: subalpine zone

⇒ flora on: Mount Koma, Mount Usu


var. parviflora Koidz. (コバノダケカンバ)
var. communis Koidz.
var. ganjuensis (Koidz.) Nakai
var. incisa Koidz. (キレハダケカンバ)
var. subglobosa Miyabe et Tatew.

var. japonica (Shirai) Koidz. (ナガバノダケカンバ)
var. saitoana (Nakai) Hatus. (チャボダケカンバ)
var. subcordata (Regel) Koidz. (アカカンバ), red bark and deeply curved leaf-base
f. corticosa (Nakai) Sugim (アツハダカンバ, syn. var. corticosa Nakai)

Betula ermanii in Hokkaido

Birch1 Birch2
Birch3 Birch4

Bark (樹皮). Location and date, the same with photo 3
[1] The trees at Eniwa Downhill Course for the Olympic Winter Games in Sapporo held in 1972. The slope was used only for the Games (September 21 1988, to see success in restoration.) [2] Close to Nakayama Pass skislope on October 9 2010. This forest is composed of broad-leaved and needle-leaved trees (so called, mixed forest). [3] at Teshio Experimental Forest, HU, on June 14 2012. The forest was burnt in 1945, and the regenereation was monitored by a 10 m × 10 m plot from 1978. At the establihsment, the stem density 64/plot (= 6,400/ha) with 9.7 cm in DBH. The compartment is Kasai 27 (河西 27). [4] on the southwestern slope of Mount Koma, southern Hokkaido, on July 8 2019.
Birch5 Birch6
[5/6] on Mount Okobachi (於古発山), where the Otaru-Yoichi wind farm was planned, observed on June 15 2023.