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Rosa multiflora Thunb.

Mount Usu / Sarobetsu post-mined peatland
From left: Crater basin in 1986 and 2006. Cottongrass / Daylily

Rosa L. (バラ)
Noibara (ノイバラ, 野茨), rambler rose
Lifeform: shrub < 2 m high, often making dense thickets
Distribution: Korea - Japan (south to the southwestern Hokkaido and except in Ryukyu)
Habitat: roadsides, grasslands, and forest edges

flora on Mount Koma

Leaf: hairy and not shiny

↔ shiny leaf, coastal, in south to Honshu = R. luciae (テリハノイバラ)


Rosa polyantha Siebold et Zucc.

var. adenochaeta (Koidz.) Ohwi (ツクシイバラ), sometimes discarded
var. formosana Cardot (タイワンノイバラ)
var. quelpaertensis (H. Lev.) Nakai (コバノイバラ)
f. rosipetala (Honda) Yonek. (ウスアカノイバラ)

Rosa multiflora in Hokkaido


Mount Koma

Rosa1 Rosa2 Rosa3
[1-3] on the southwestern slope on July 9 2008.

Mount Usu

Rosa1 Rosa2 Rosa3
[1] in the Nishiyama Craters on December 4 2017. The white background is snow. [2/3] in the crater basin on July 25 2018. Records: fruits in the Nishiyama Craters on September 21 2021.


Rosa1 Rosa2 Rosa3
[1-3] on a waste land near the Muroran Marine Experimental Station of Hokkaido University, Muroran City, on September 14 2015.
Rosa4 Rosa5 Rosa6
[4/5] in the Arboretum of Faculty of Agriculture, Hokkaido University, close to the Poplar Street on June 24 2016. [6] in the Sapporo City Nature Education Park on September 19 2016. Records: in front of GSEES bulding on October 17 2020.