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Nymphaea tetragona Georgi

Mount Usu / Sarobetsu post-mined peatland
From left: Crater basin in 1986 and 2006. Cottongrass / Daylily

Nymphaea L. (スイレン)
Hitsujigusa (ヒツジグサ, 未草), pygmy waterlily
Lifeform: floating, perennial forb
Distribution: Europe - northern India - Siberia - east Asia
Habitat: halophyte (ponds, lakes, shallow streams, etc.) ⇒ wetland (湿原), wetland research (湿原研究)

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→ Field trip: Nature on lakes, volcanoes, sea and forests (海と湖と火山と森林の自然 )

Chromosome number: 2n = 112

Nymphaea tetragona Georgi var. angusta Casp. (s.s.)
Nymphaea tetragona Georgi var. crassifolia (Hand.-Mazz.) Y. C. Chu
Nymphaea tetragona Georgi var. minima (Nakai) W. T. Lee
Nymphaea pygmaea (Salisb.) W. T. Aiton

var. angusta Casp. (ヒツジグサ, s.s.), leaf split deeply
var. tetragona (エゾヒツジグサ), leaf split shallowly
var. erythrostigmatica Ko. Ito (エゾベニヒツジグサ), RDB = Vu

Nymphaea tetragona in Hokkaido

var. tetragona

[1] in Otarumappu Pond near Tomakomai City, Hokkaido, Japan, in the summer of 1987 (or 1986). [2] at a pond along a tiny trail for looking around small islands in O-numa Park, southern Hokkaido, on July 7 2013. [3] in Shizukari wetland, southern Hokkaido, on June 15 2015. [4] in Shizukari wetland, southern Hokkaido, on July 7 2017. [5] in a pond developed on Atsuma Coast (浜厚真), central Hokkaido, on June 16 2020.