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Pteridium aquilinum (L.) Kuhn

Mount Usu / Sarobetsu post-mined peatland
From left: Crater basin in 1986 and 2006. Cottongrass / Daylily

Formerly assigned in Pteridaceae (イノモトソウ科)

Pteridium Gled. ex Scopoli, Bracken

P. aquilinum (L.) Kuhn
var. decompositum (Gaud.) R. Tryon
var. latiusculum (Desv.) Underwood ex Heller (Warabi, ワラビ, 蕨), common bracken
Lifeform: large, deciduous, rhizomatous fern
Distribution: cosmopolitan, occurring in cool, temperate and subtropical regions
Habitat: sunny pasture, such as skislope, moorland, etc. with acidic soils

Field training on integrated environmental research (統合環境調査法実習) (fauna and flora 種リスト)

Edible plant: boiled greens, tempura, etc.

Pteridium japonicum (Nakai) Tardieu et C. Chr.
Pteridium aquilinum (L.) Kuhn var. japonicum Nakai, commonly used

var. pseudocaudatum (Clute) Heller
var. pubescens Underwood
var. wightianum (J. Agardh) R.Tryon (ランダイワラビ) var. esculentum

Pteridium aquilinum var. latiusculum in Hokkaido

[1] in a foerst at the third station on Mount Apoi (アポイ岳), central southern Hokkaido, on June 15 2016. [2] at a forest edge near Tokai University Dai-yon High School on May 26 2009. [3] on Usujiri skislope (臼尻スキー場), southern Hokkaido, on June 16 2015. [4/5] a grassland dominated by common bracken at Tomamu Skislope on July 19 2012. [6] in Shizukari wetland, southern Hokkaido, on July 7 2017.

Pteridium aquilinum stored in BO

[1/2] specimens stored in BO at Cibinong Branch. Photos October 25 2018.

var. esculentum (G. Forst.) Kuhn

Austral bracken (rarauhe in Maori)
Lifeform: perennial fern, developing creeping rhizomes and becoming0.5-2 m in height
Distribution: tropical and subtropical Asia to southern Pacific and southern tropical America
Habitat: disturbed sites as a pioneer, sometimes treated as weed
Use: edible (rhizomes as a staple food for Maori, as well as Japanese)

Pteridium esculentum (G. Forst.) Cockayne, often used
Pteridium aquilinum ssp. esculentum (G. Forst.) Bonap.
Pteris esculenta G. Forst.

[1/2] a specimen stored in BO at Cibinong Branch. Photos October 25 2018.