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Vegetables in Brassica L.

Mount Usu / Sarobetsu post-mined peatland
From left: Crater basin in 1986 and 2006. Cottongrass / Daylily

[wild vegetable/山菜, crop/作物]

Vegetables in Brassica L. (アブラナ)

B. juncea (L.) Czern.

カラシナ, leaf mustard
var. integrifolia (West.) Sinsk. (タカナ, 高菜)
var. multiceps M. Tsen et S. H. Lee (セツリコ)
var. multisecta L. H. Bailey (ニンスーカ)
var. napiformis (Pailleux et Bois) Kitam. (ネカラシナ)
var. rugosa (Roxb.) Kitam. (ダイシンサイ)
var. sabellica (Plenck) Kitam. (チリメンカラシ)
var. tumida M. Tsen et S. H. Lee (ザーサイ, 搾菜)

B. narinosa L. H. Bailey

= B. rapa L. var. narinosa (L. H. Bailey) Kitam.
ヒサゴナ(瓢児菜), tatsoi, spinach mustard, spoon mustard, Chinese flat cabbage, rosette pakchoi or tacai

B. napus L.

セイヨウアブラナ, rapeseed, rape colza or rapa (rape)
Distribution: coastal zones between northern Europe and Siberia
Chromosome number: n = 19 (AACC)

B. nigra (L.) W. D. J. Koch

クロガラシ, black mustard
Lifeform: annual forb
Distribution: the Mediterranean
Use: seeds as spice, vegetable and herb

B. oleracea L.

ヤセイカンラン, 甘藍, wild cabbage Lifeform: biennial forb
Distribution: West Europe, including England
Habitat: coastal limestone regions
var. acephala DC. (ケール), kale

f. tricolor Hort. (ハボタン), ornamental kale

var. alboglabra (L. H. Bailey) Musil (カイラン), Chinese kale
var. botrytis L. (カリフラワー), cauliflower
var. capitata L. (キャベツ/タマナ), cabbage

protected from predators by the enemies of predators, such as Cotesia glomerata L., induced by chemical substances

var. gemmifera (DC.) Zenk. (メキャベツ), brussels sprouts
var. gongylodes L. (コールラビ), kohlrabi
var. italica Plenck (ブロッコリー), broccoli
ST ornamental kale (ハボタン/ハナキャベツ) at Hibiya Park, Tokyo, on December 27 2014. ST ornamental kale in a house garden, N14/W2, North Ward, Sapporo, on May 26 2018. ST at a greenhouse in Yurigahara Park, Sapporo, on January 24 2021.
ST ornamental kale at the entrance of Tsurumi Green Space Park (鶴見緑地公園), Tsurumi Ward, Osaka City, on February 6 2022. ST ornamental kale under a street tree along Sosei River, N23/W1, Sapporo on May 13 2023.
cabbage A cabbage at Shikabe Branch of Homac Nicot, Hokkaido, on June 15 2015 cabbage A cabbage grown in front of Turtle Club at Fairbanks, AK, on August 5 2013. The cabbage could grow at N65°! How is its cold tolerance broccoli broccoli (ブロッコリー) at Shikabe Branch of Homac Nicot, Hokkaido, on June 15 2015

B. rapa L. (アブラナ, s.l.)

Vegetabies growing in cropfields, and are generally harvested before flowering
var. akana (Makino) Kitam. (ヒノナ)
var. chinensis (L.) Kitam. (タイサイ)
var. dichotoma Kitam. (アキザキナタネ)
var. glabra Regel (ハクサイ, s.l.)
var. hakabura Kitam. (ノザワナ)
var. narinosa (L. H. Bailey) Kitam. (キサラギナ)
var. neosuguki Kitam. (スグキナ)
ST var. nipposinica (L. H. Bailey) Kitam. (ミズナ, 水菜), mizuna green or potherb mustaard

described in Youshufushi (雍州府志, 1682-1686)
Syononyms: - var. laciniifolia (L. H. Bailey) Kitam.

var. oleifera DC. (アブラナ, 油菜)

Synonyms: B. campestris L.

[1/2] along a paved road in Utasai wetland (歌才湿原), southern Hokkaido, on October 12 2023.
var. perviridis L. H. Bailey (コマツナ)

B. campestris L. var. komatsuna Matsum. et Nakai

var. piaoh-tsai Kitam. (ヒョウジサイ)
var. rapa (カブ, yellow mustard)

B. campestris L. ssp. rapa (L.) Hook. f. et Anders.
- var. glabra (Sinsk.) Kitam.

subvar. dentata (Matsum. et Nakai) Kitam. (サントウサイ)