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Pinus parviflora Siebold et Zucc.

Mount Usu / Sarobetsu post-mined peatland
From left: Crater basin in 1986 and 2006. Cottongrass / Daylily

Pinus L. (マツ)
P. parviflora Siebold
Goyoumatsu (ゴヨウマツ, 五葉松, s.l.), Japanese white pine
Lifeform: evergreen, tall tree
Distribution: Ulleung-do Island - Japan (Honshu and southwestern Hokkaido)
Habitat: developing forests
Use: bonsai gardening
var. parviflora (ヒメコマツ/ゴヨウマツ, s.s.)
Distribution: Ulleung-do Island - Japan (Honshu - Shikoku - Kyushu), > 1,000 m elevation

Pinus pentaphylla Mayr var. himekomatsu (Miyabe et Kudö) Makino
Pinus himekomatsu Miyabe et Kudö

var. pentaphylla (Mayr) A. Henry (キタゴヨウ)
Distribution: Japan (north to central Honshu)

Pinus pentaphylla Mayr
Pinus parviflora Siebold et Zucc. ssp. pentaphylla (Mayr) Sugim.
f. laevis (H. Hara) Sugim. (トドハダゴヨウ)

Pinus parviflora Siebold et Zucc. var. laevis H. Hara


Pinus parviflora in Hokkaido

var. pentaphylla (キタゴヨウ)

Pinus1 Pinus2 Pinus3
Pinus4 Pinus5
[1/2] at the fifth station and [3-5] at the third station on Mount Apoi (アポイ岳), south-central Hokkaido. [1-5] on June 15 2016. ⇒ bark (樹皮)

var. parviflora

Pinus1 Pinus2 Pinus3
[1-3] in Toyohira Park, Toyohira Ward, Sapporo, on April 3 2021.