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Salix sachalinensis Fr. Schmidt

Mount Usu / Sarobetsu post-mined peatland
From left: Crater basin in 1986 and 2006. Cottongrass / Daylily

Salix L. (ヤナギ)
Nagabayanagi (ナガバヤナギ, 長葉柳), Japanese fantail willow
Also called: Onoeyanagi (オノエヤナギ, 尾上柳), Karafutoyanagi (カラフトヤナギ, 樺太柳), and Yabuyanagi (ヤブヤナギ, 藪柳)
Lifeform: large, deciduous tree
Distribution: Japan (Shikoku, Honshu and Hokkaido) - Kuril
Habit: pioneer sun tree after disturbances in Hokkaido

flora on: Mount Koma, Flora on Mount Usu

Seed dispersal: wind
Flower: before the leaf flush

Salix udensis Trautv. et C. A. Mey, recently used
Salix opaca Andersson ex Seemen
Salix siuzevii Seemen


Salix sachalinensis in Hokkaido

willow1 willow2 willow3
willow4 willow5 willow6
[1/2] in the crater basin on Mount Usu on September 19, 2008. This species is the most common willow tree on Mount Usu (有珠山) and Mount Koma (駒ケ岳). [3] at the location of the former Keiteki Dormitory (恵迪寮) in Hokkaido University Campus on May 10 2013. [4/5] near Faculty of Health Sciences, HU, on May 18 2022. [6] a specimen, which is stored in SAPS, collected in the crater basin of Mount Usu on June 27 2012. [7] at a southern part of the Graduate School of Health Sciences of Hokkaido University on May 6 2022.