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Salicaceae L. (ヤナギ科), willow family

Mount Usu / Sarobetsu post-mined peatland
From left: Crater basin in 1986 and 2006. Cottongrass / Daylily

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Salicales (ヤナギ目)

Consisting of one family, Salicaceae
400- more than 1200 species (90 spp. in Japan)
Deciduous trees and shrubs

Salicaceae L. (ヤナギ科)

Salix L. (ヤナギ)
Chosenia Nakai (ケショウヤナギ), merged into Salix (S. arbutifolia)
Toisusu Kimura (オオバヤナギ)
Populus L. (ヤマナラシ)

Salix L. (ヤナギ)

Mostly in the cold and temperate zones of the Northern Hemisphere
Fig. 1 Geographic distributions of the main lineages of Salix (Wu et al. 2015).
S. babylonica (エゾノキヌヤナギ)
S. gracilistyla (ネコヤナギ)
S. hultenii var. angustifolia (エゾノバッコヤナギ)
S. integra (イヌコリヤナギ)
S. jessoensis (シロヤナギ)
S. miyabeana ssp. gymnolepis (カワヤナギ)
S. reinii (ミネヤナギ)
S. rorida (エゾヤナギ)

Salix sp. sketched by ST on April 27
1983. The sample was collected in
the Hokkaido University campus.

S. sachalinensis (ナガバヤナギ)
S. triandra L. ssp. nipponica (タチヤナギ)
S. vulpina (キツネヤナギ)
S. alaxensis (Andersson) Coville (Alaska willow or feltleaf willow), leaves densely white-wooly below

ssp. alaxensis
ssp. longistylis (Rydb.) Hultén, often lacking felt, not hairy on young twigs, distributed at > 600 m
→ cp. S. candida

S. arctica Pall. (arctic willow)
S. bebbiana Sarg.
S. candida Flüggé ex Willd. (sageleaf willow), leaves densely white-wooly below, uncommon in AK
S. glauca L. (grayleaf willow)
S. lanata L. (woolly willow, Tsuyuzaki et al. 2008)
S. polaris Wahlenberg (チシママメヤナギ, polar willow)
S. pulchra Cham. (チャバヤナギ*, diamondleaf willow)
S. reticulata L. (netleaf willow)

*: tentative translation
Species checklist in Alaska


Salix × sumiyosensis Kimura
Sumiyoshiyanagi (スミヨシヤナギ, 住吉柳)
Putative hybrid between S.gracilistyla and S. integra
Lifeform: dwarf shrub ≈ 2-3 m high
Sex: only a female tree was discovered

willow1 willow2 willow3
[1-3] in the salicetums of Botanic Gardens, Tohoku University, Natural Monument Aobayama, northern Honshu, on March 22 2016. [Data] HB. 139 ex Kimura n. 3310. Hab. Prov. Mukogawa in Settsu. Coll. et Donat. Mr. Ishikawa E. Plant. 1985·4.·20-1991·6

Populus L. (ヤマナラシ)

Japan (including transplantation)
Common names: poplar, aspen, and cottonwood
Growth form: deciduous, dioecious tree
Distribution: Native to the Northern Hemisphere with ca 30 spp.
P. alba L. (ギンドロ)
P. angulata Ait. (カロリナハコヤナギ)
P. balsamifera L. (バルサムポプラ)
P. canadensis Moench (カナダポプラ)
P. deltoides Marsh. (アメリカクロヤマナラシ)
P. euphratica Oliv. (コトカケヤナギ)
P. grandidentata Michx. (オオバヤマナラシ)
P. koreana Rehd. (チリメンドロ)
P. maximowiczii A. Henry (ドロノキ)
P. nigra L. (セイヨウクロヤマナラシ)
P. simonii Carrière (テリハドロノキ)
P. tremula L. (ヨーロッパヤマナラシ)

var. davidiana Schneid. (エゾヤマナラシ)
var. sieboldii (Miq.) Kudo (ヤマナラシ)

P. tremuloides Michx. (アメリカヤマナラシ): distributed in Northwest