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Arachniodes standishii (T. Moore) Ohwi

Mount Usu / Sarobetsu post-mined peatland
From left: Crater basin in 1986 and 2006. Cottongrass / Daylily

Arachniodes Blume (カナワラビ), hollyferns, in Japan

Byrsopteris C. V. Morton, Leptorumohra (H. Ito) H. Ito, Polystichopsis (J. Sm.) Holttum
Common three species in Hokkaido
A. mutica (Franch. et Sav.) Ohwi (シノブカグマ)
A. miqueliana (Maxim. ex Franch. et Sav.) Ohwi (ホソバナライシダ)
A. standishii (T. Moore) Ohwi (リョウメンシダ)
A. aristata (G. Forst.) Tindale (ホソバカナワラビ)
A. cantilenae Sa. Kurata (イツキカナワラビ)
A. caudata Ching (オニカナワラビ)
A. cavaleriei (H. Christ) Ohwi (ヤクシマカナワラビ
) A. davalliiformis (H. Christ) Nakaike (ハチジョウカナワラビ)
A. dimorphophylla (Hayata) Ching (ホザキカナワラビ)
A. festina (Hance) Ching (タイワンリョウメンシダ)
A. globisora (Hayata) Ching (タイワンオオカナワラビ)
A. hekiana Sa. Kurata (シビカナワラビ)
A. hiugana Sa. Kurata (ヒュウガカナワラビ)
A. japonica (Sa. Kurata) Nakaike (ツルダカナワラビ)
A. nigrospinosa (Ching) Ching (イヌリョウメンシダ)
A. nipponica (Rosenst.) Ohwi (ミドリカナワラビ)
A. okinawensis Nakaike (オキナワカナワラビ)
A. oohorae H. Ito (アタシカカナワラビ)
A. pseudorepens Nakaike (オノアイダカナワラビ)
A. rhomboidea (Wall. ex C.Presl) Ching (カナワラビ)
A. simplicior (Makino) Ohwi (ハカタシダ)
A. sporadosora (Kunze) Nakaike (コバノカナワラビ)
A. tohtomiensis Shimura, nom. nud. (エンシュウカナワラビ)
A. tsutsuiana Sa. Kurata ex Nakaike, nom. nud. (ツクシカナワラビ)
A. yakumonticola Nakaike, nom. nud. (キジノオカナワラビ)
A. yakusimensis (H. Ito) Nakaike (ヤクカナワラビ)
A. yasu-inouei Sa. Kurata (ハガクレカナワラビ)
A. yoshinagae (Makino) Ching (オトコシダ)

Arachniodes standishii in Japan

Ryoumenshida (リョウメンシダ, 両面羊歯), upside-down fern
Lifeform: evergreen fern < 1.5 m high
Distribution: Korea (Jeju and Ulleung-do Island) - Japan
Habitat: mesic sites, such as valleys, in lowlands and mountains

Field training on integrated environmental research (統合環境調査法実習) (fauna and flora 種リスト)

Spore: green → chloroplast
Utilization: gardening

Polystichopsis standishii (T. Moore) Tagawa
Rumohra standishii (T. Moore) Ching


[1] at a 6th trail near the Biwa Falls on Mount Takao (599 m elevation), Tokyo, on October 21 2013. [2] at South Ikebukuro Park, Tokyo, on March 15 2017. [3-5] at a forest edge near Aoba Castle, Sendai City, northern Honshu, on March 22 2016. [6] in a court used for a smoking area in GSEES, HU, on December 5 2020. Discarded: at Rakuju-en Garden, Mishima, on November 18 2009.