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Vaccinium ovalifolium Sm.

Mount Usu / Sarobetsu post-mined peatland
From left: Crater basin in 1986 and 2006. Cottongrass / Daylily

Subfamily Vaccinoideae (スノキ亜科)

Vaccinium L. (スノキ)
Kurousugo (クロウスゴ, 黒臼子), Alaska blueberry
Lifeform: deciduous shrub < 2 m high
Distribution: northerly regions, including Japan and the subarctic
Habitat: forest floors (in the case of Japan)
Seed dispersal: animal (edible fruits)
var. ovalifolium: widespread
var. sachalinense T. Yamaz. (オククロウスゴ): Sakhalin
var. alpinum (Tatewaki) T. Yamaz.: Mounts Daisetsu, Hokkaido (ミヤマエゾクロウスゴ)
f. villosum (H. Boissieu) T. Shimizu (ケバノクロウスゴ)

Vaccinium ovalifolium Sm. f. angustifolium (Nakai) Ohwi
Vaccinium ovalifolium Sm. f. obovoideum (Takeda) H. Hara ex Ohwi
Vaccinium ovalifolium Sm. f. platyanthum (Nakai) H. Hara ex Ohwi
Vaccinium axillare Nakai
Vaccinium ovalifolium Sm. var. coriaceum H. Boissieu
Vaccinium ovalifolium Sm. var. membranaceum H. Boissieu


Vaccinium uliginosum var. minus in Hokkaido

[1] in a Picea glehnii forest (アカエゾマツ林) on a slope from the Nonaka Spa entrance to go Mount Meakan, eastern Hokkaido, on June 25 2013. [2/3] clsoe to wind caves (風穴) between Shirakaba Path and Mount Higashi-Nupukaushinupuri, eastern Hokkaido, on June 27 2013. [4] along the trail enterted from the Fukiage Spa on Mount Tokachi (十勝岳), central Hokkaido, on June 27 2017.