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Acer amoenum Carrière

Mount Usu / Sarobetsu post-mined peatland
From left: Crater basin in 1986 and 2006. Cottongrass / Daylily

Acer L. (カエデ)
Section Palmata Pax
Acer amoenum Carrière (オオモミジ, s.l.), Japanese maple
var. amoenum Omomiji (オオモミジ, s.s. = standard, 大紅葉)
Lifeform: deciduous shrub/tree < 12 m
Distribution: Korea - Japan
Habitat: bascially in mountainous zones
Leaf margin: serrulate
Seed dispersal: wind

A. amoenum Carrière var. amoenum f. latilobatum (Koidz.) K. Ogata

A. palmatum Thunb. ssp. amoenum (Carrière) H. Hara
A. palmatum Thunb. var. amoenum (Carrière) Ohwi
A. palmatum Thunb. var. amoenum (Carrière) Ohwi f. latilobatum (Koidz.) Ohwi ex H. Hara

var. matsumurae (Koidz.) K. Ogata (ヤマモミジ), probably not distributed in Hokkaido
Leaf margin: biserrate

Acer palmatum Thunb. var. matsumurae (Koidz.) Ogata)

var. nambuanum (Koidz.) K. Ogata (ナンブコハモミジ)
f. horonaiense (Nakai) K. Ogata (ホロナイカエデ/ヒロハネヤマモミジ), when established
f. palmatipartitum (Koidz.) K. Ogata (フカギレオオモミジ)

Acer amoenum in Hokkaido

var. amoenum (オオモミジ, s.s.)

Acer1 Acer2 Acer3
Acer4 Acer5 Acer6
[1] along Shunbetsu River, south-central Hokkaido, on June 14 2016. [2] a sampling in Tomakomai Experimental Forest on September 10 2009. [3] at the backyard of the Experimental Forest of the University of Tokyo, Furano, central Hokkaido, on June 26 2017. [4] on Mount Usu (有珠山). [5] at Zenkoji Temple, Date City, southern Hokkaido, on July 25 2013. The registration of GeoPark was re-examined on that day. [6] in a stream where we survyed the fauna of aquatic insectss, Usujiri, southern Hokkaido, on June 18 2015. It was rainy. Records: along O-sawa Course in Nopporo Forest Park on July 17 2021. along a curveside near Soma Shrine (相馬神社) on Mount Tenjin (天神山), Sapporo, on September 18 2021. In West Tomioka Park (富丘西公園) on May 21 2022.

var. matsumurae (ヤマモミジ)

Acer1 Acer2 Acer3
[1/2] at the backyard of a lecture room of the Experimental Forest of the University of Tokyo, Furano, central Hokkaido, on June 28 2017. [3] in the arboretum of ToEF-HU on June 27 2023. ☛ Bark (樹皮)