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Dryas integrifolia Vahl

Mount Usu / Sarobetsu post-mined peatland
From left: Crater basin in 1986 and 2006. Cottongrass / Daylily

[ specimen ]

Dryas L. (チョウノスケソウ)

a group of dwarf perennial plants in Rosaceae, native to arctic and alpine of circumpolar regions → geological timescale (地質年代)
Characterized by eight petals
Nitrogen fixation: by Frankia
Three species in the world. One species (D. octopetala var. asiatica) in Japan
D. drummondii Richardson ex. Hook. (D. avens キバナチョウノスケソウ)

D. octopetala L. var. integrifolia Hook.
D. tenella Pursh
D. sylvatica Hult.

D. integrifolia Vahl (マルバチョウノスケソウ)
D. octopetala L. (Mountain avens キョクチチョウノスケソウ)

var. asiatica (Nakai) Nakai (チョウノスケソウ)

Hybrid: Dryas × suendermannii = D. drummondii × D. octopetala
In Russian Botanical Book
We see five more species
D. ajanensis Juz.
D. crenulata Juz.
D. grandis Juz.
D. octopetala L.
D. viscosa Juz.

drummondii1 integrifolia2 cotopetala3
1 D. drummondii. 2 D. integrifolia. 3. D. octopetala

Dryas integrifolia in Alaska

Maruba-chounosukesou (マルバチョウノスケソウ, 丸葉長之助草), entireleaf mountain avens
Lifeform: evergreen dwarf shrub
Distribution: circumpolar
Habitat: rocky bluff, tundra

[1-3] near Toolik Lake LTER Station on August 8 2009. LTER = long-term ecological research (長期生態学研究)