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Amaryllidaceae J. St.-Hil. (ヒガンバナ科)

Mount Usu / Sarobetsu post-mined peatland
From left: Crater basin in 1986 and 2006. Cottongrass / Daylily

[Engler's syllabus (エングラー体系)]
Alstroemeria L. (ユリズイセン)
Cyrtanthus W. Aiton (フエフキスイセン)
Galanthus L. (マツユキソウ)
Haemanthus L. (マユハケオモト)
Leucojum L. (オオマツユキソウ)
Lycoris (L'Hér.) Herb. (ヒガンバナ)
Narcissus L. (スイセン)
Zephyranthes Herb. (タマスダレ)

Cyrtanthus W. Aiton, nom. cons., non Schreb. (フエフキスイセン)

Approximately 50 species, mostly in South Africa
Dciduous type

summer-grown Evergreen type

Major species used for gardening
C. elatus (Jacq.) Traub, Scarborough lily or fire lily
C. mackenii Hook. f. (フエフキスイセン)
C. ochroleucus (Herb.) Burch. ex Steud., White ifafa lily
C. sanguineus (Lindl.) Walp., Kei lily

Galanthus L. (マツユキソウ)

G. elwesii Hook.f. (オオユキノハナ)
G. nivalis L. (マツユキソウ)

Haemanthus L. (マユハケオモト)

H. albiflos Jacq. (マユハケオモト)
H. coccineus L. (ベニバナマユハケオモト)
H. multiflorus Martyn (センコウハナビ)

Leucojum L. (オオマツユキソウ), snowflake

Subfam Amaryllidoideae
Native to Eurasia
A few exotic species in this genus are seen in Japan
L. aestivum L., summer snowflake
L. vernum L. (オオマツユキソウ), spring snowflake

Lycoris (L'Hér.) Herb. (ヒガンバナ), hurricane lily or cluster amaryllis

L. radiata (L'Hér.) Herb. (ヒガンバナ)
L. sanguinea Maxim.

var. kiushiana T. Koyama (オオキツネノカミソリ)

f. albovirescens E. Doi ex Akasawa (シロバナオオキツネノカミソリ)

var. koreana (Nakai) T. Koyama (ムジナノカミソリ)
var. sanguinea (キツネノカミソリ)

f. albiflora Honda (シロバナキツネノカミソリ)
f. palensflos Konta (ウスイロキツネノカミソリ)
f. plena T. Yamaz. (ヤエキツネノカミソリ)

L. traubii W. Hayw. (ショウキズイセン)
L. × albiflora Koidz. (シロバナマンジュシャゲ)
L. × elsiae Traub (アケボノショウキラン)
L. × squamigera Maxim. (ナツズイセン)

[Amaryllidaceae (Engler/APG), Liliaceae (Cronquist), etymology]

Narcissus L. (スイセン)

This family is included in Amaryllidaceae (Engler)
APG III system establishes this family:
254 species in four genera (Christenhusz & Byng 2016)
Distribution: tropical and temperate America All species in genus Narcissus→ suisen (スイセン, 水仙), daffodil (narcissus)
Habitat: lawns, riversides, etc., escaped from gardening
Cultivar: numerous (> 10,000) cultivars make the classification difficulty

HUSTEP: Plants and Plant communities in Japan (flora list)

Poison: lycorine, calcium oxalate, etc.
N. tazetta L. (スイセン)
var. chinensis Roem. (Nihon-zuisen, ニホンズイセン, 日本水仙), paperwhite
N. pseudonarcissus L. (Rappa-suisen, ラッパスイセン, 喇叭水仙)
N. poeticus L. (クチベニスイセン, 口紅水仙)
N. jonquilla (Ki-zuisen, キズイセン, 黄水仙)
N. romieuxii Braun-Blanq. et Maire (ペチコートスイセン)

Zephyranthes Herb. (タマスダレ), rain lily

Z. candida (Lindl.) Herb. (タマスダレ)
Z. carinata Herb. (サフランモドキ)
Z. citrina Baker (キバナサフランモドキ)
Z. robusta (Herb.) Baker (アマユリ*)
Z. rosea (Spreng.) Lindl. (コサフランモドキ)
Z. taubertiana Harms (モモイロタマスダレ)
Z. verecunda Herb. (スジタマスダレ)

Habranthus Herb., copperlily

when separated (recently not applied)

Alstroemeriaceae Dumort. (ユリズイセン科), when separated from Amaryllidaceae

Tribe Alstroemerieae
Alstroemeria L. (ユリズイセン)
Bomarea Mirb.
Tribe Luzuriageae
Drymophila R. Br.
Luzuriaga Ruiz et Pav.

Distribution: New Zealand - Chile - Argentina - the Falkland Islands

Alstroemeria L. (ユリズイセン, Peruvian lily or lily of the Incas)

Distribution: 50 species in the South America (the Andes)
A. pulchella L. f. (ユリズイセン)
A. aurea Graham (キバナユリズイセン)